Interesting piece. I agree with David: Kimi is doing definitely better. I am the kind of person who’s rather good at finding questions than giving answers. My questions in this case are:
1. Did Kimi and Michael restarted from a similar base in terms of health, age, and psychological expectations?
2. What was the price to pay in case of a failing comeback for Michael? What would be the price for Kimi? Might this different psychological set up have worked as a motivational incentive, or rather as a oppressive anxiety for the two champions?
My personal (and probably wrong) idea.
Michael Schumacher is a living legend for motorsport. At Ferrari (and in general in Italy) he was worshipped as a semi-god. When he came back he was older than Kimi, he had back problem, and he was stepping from a top-team where he ruled an undiscussed king (first as driver, and later as consultant and tester) to a underdog car. It was a huge risk, a very criticable decision, and the likelihood of failure was huge. I actually wonder if he really ever believed he could make a real impact, given these premises.
Kimi is a good driver, an enjoyable character, but not a legend. He came back while he is still relatively young, and with a very promising team. He feels the weight of some expectations, but I believe that is not a huge burden in his case. If it goes well, great. If goes bad, it’s not a tragedy: there’s no legend to tear apart. And the likelihood of doing good are much higher than the ones Schumacher had.

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Schumi vs. Kimi – Who had the better comeback?

When most people retire from their profession, they often spend their time watching Countdown and waiting to die. Rarely will someone get so bored of retirement that they decide to leave Countdown behind and head back into their old job. Formula One however, is a different matter.

In 2010, after four years away, seven time world champion Michael Schumacher returned to the sport as part of the Mercedes AMG Petronas team alongside fellow countryman Nico Rosberg.

Two years later in 2012, former world champion Kimi Räikkönen announced his plans to return to the sport as part of the Lotus F1 team.

Kimi Räikkönen and Michael Schumacher

While both drivers have been hugely successful during their first stints in Formula One, returning to the sport a few years after your peak can have mixed fortunes. Therefore today’s blog will look at Michael Schumacher vs Kimi Räikkönen

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